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Robotics & Engineering

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Aviation 101 is a free online introduction to Aviation Course.  If you are interested in aviation as a career or if you just want to work on obtaining a private pilot's license to enjoy flying as a hobby, this course is the first step. Proceed at your own pace to learn the fundamentals that will give you a start to an aviation career.

Here is the link for the FREE Aviation Course from Embry-Riddle.  Once on the site, just click on the plane and you can enroll in the self paced course.

Aviation 101


Haas Certification Program

This self-paced online course is designed to provide the basic knowledge to get started as a CNC machinist. It includes an introduction to the CNC machine operation, proper machine safety, and fundamental machining processes.

Here is the Link to create a free account on the Haas Certification Program.  Once on the site you must register using an email and then you can begin  the course.


CTC West's New Haas Milling Machine...Awesome!!!