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Mrs.  Theresa  Holland
Robotics & Engineering
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Engineering I teaches students the history of engineering and the careers associated with the field. The students will also learn the foundations and fundamentals of engineering and materials. This course also teaches technical writing, presenting, and project management. It also teaches students the engineering design process, the steps one follows for successful design planning. Students are also introduced to the advanced concepts of 3-D sketching and modeling with SolidWorks, a leading engineering design software. This course also focuses on quality control and the benefits of engineering failure.  Robotics is also introduced and is one of the major components of the first year.  Students will be building vex robots and applying concepts of electronics, mechanics and programming.


Engineering II is a comprehensive course that focuses on the four energy systems: electrical, fluid, mechanical, and thermal. It also introduces students to Computer Integrated Manufacturing, or how robotics and drafting work together to create products. Students will program a robotic arm and learn CNC technology.  This course teaches students the concepts of digital electronic control system technology, focusing on electronics, gates, and truth tables. Students learn valuable workforce readiness skills and participate advanced concepts of programming robotic equipment.