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Learning That Works! Volunteer Activities

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              Learning that works!      

est would like to thank The Grainger Foundation for funding the Foundation for Excellence in Education
grant, Learning That Works!
     At CTC-West, in addition to the skills we teach, we also strive to instill a sense of community and civic responsibility. Our professional student organizations encourage community service through volunteer work. The Learning That Works grant funded 50 t-shirts for the volunteer students to wear while we are out in the community that identify VOLUNTEER across the back and “Career Technology Education – Learning That Works!” on the front.

Thank you to all the volunteers who gave their time to help
clean up DeSoto County!

Your willingness to work towardthe betterment of our community exemplifies,"Learning that works!"
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CTC-West students helped serve over 700 families in DeSoto County by volunteering to work with the Mobile Food Pantry on January 28 at the Lander's Center parking lot. Nearly 30 students gave their time to help bag and distribute food to families in need in our area.

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 The students of our National Technical Honor Society have teamed up with all the students at CTC-West to collect canned foods for the House of Grace, a ministry serving women and children who are victims of domestic violence. 

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