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The next meeting is scheduled for
Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Student Services Lab at 7:45, 10:30, and 12:00
There will THREE meetings. The minutes will be posted on this site for members to read who can not attend the meeting at this time.



Topics on the Agenda include:
Teacher Appreciation Week
Awards Ceremony
Amendments for Next Year's Club: Should community service hours be required? Should students be allowed to keep their membership after two semesters of

Minutes from Meeting on Wednesday, March 25, 2015
Minutes from Meeting
February 9, 2015





 Congratulations 2015 Inductees!


The Newly Elected Officers for the 2014-2015 school year are:

President:  Jacob Stewart
Vice-President:  Victoria Chamberlin
Secretary:  Courtnee Hoing
Treasurer:  Madison Cleveland


Be sure to sign up for REMIND text messages so you can be kept up to the minute about meetings, community service opportunities, and other important information.

Just text the message to the right to the number listed.



 About NTHS:

The official NTHS slogan is: “Excellence in America’s Workforce Begins with Excellence in Workforce Education.”

The NTHS motto is inscribed on the first step and reads: "Felicitas Menti Instructae Favet" which translated from Latin reads: "Success Favors the Prepared Mind"

The colors of the National Technical Honor Society are silver, white and purple. Silver represents value, reward, worth; white represents truth, honesty; and purple represents achievement and honor.

 The official emblem of the organization is made up of a shield crossed by a scroll bearing the letter "NTHS". Above the shield is the head of an American Bald Eagle with a wreath of seven stars circling the eagle’s head.

 The shield represents the individual member. The line running through the shield represents a straight "plumb line", fundamental to building a life and career upon a good foundation. The Bald Eagle's head represents the United States of America and the individual’s freedom of career choice. The wreath of seven stars represents the seven attributes of the NTHS member (skill, scholarship, honesty, responsibility, service, leadership, and citizenship) and the individual NTHS Chapters throughout the US.

The official insignia of the organization which is used on all charters, membership certificates, documents and stationery is made up of the official NTHS emblem as its central figure and also an arch upon which are inscribed the seven attributes of the membership (skill, scholarship, honesty, responsibility, service, leadership, and citizenship), the year the Society was established (1984), and the motto of the organization inscribed on the foundation of the arch.

The arch itself represents the student's passage from school or college into the workforce, and the steps, the preparation necessary to make that transition. The seven membership attributes are inscribed upon the two columns which support this arch, and the year the Society was founded on the arch.